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Tactile feature

On the front of the note (the side with raised print), there are two clusters of raised dots in the top left hand corner. This tactile feature helps blind and partially sighted people identify the value of the note.


The higher the value of a note, the larger it is.

This note is approximately 132mm x 69mm.

Unique numbering

A unique serial number is printed horizontally and vertically on the back of the note.

The horizontal number is in the bottom right corner.

It is made up of multi-coloured letters and numbers, which increase in height from left to right.

The vertical number runs down the left-hand side and the numbers and letters are the same height and colour.

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Copyright symbols

The international copyright symbol is included on the front and back of the note, below the ‘Ten Pounds’ text.

Historical character

Jane Austen’s portrait was commissioned by James Edward Austen Leigh (Jane Austen’s nephew) in 1870, adapted from an original sketch drawn by her sister Cassandra Austen in 1810.

Jane Austen was an English novelist who, using wit and social observation, provided astute insights into 19th century life, often praising the virtues of reason and intelligence and highlighting some of the barriers that society erected against the progression of women. buy real money

Her books have been translated into over 40 languages of which there have been countless film and television adaptations.

Jane began to write when she was just 11 years old, and by the age of 23 she had already drafted early versions of some of her most famous novels, including Pride and Prejudice and Sense and Sensibility. 10 Pounds

All of Jane’s work was published anonymously so, despite the fact her work was generally well received and even became fashionable in some circles, she achieved little recognition until after her death. Artwork

There is an illustration of Elizabeth Bennet, a character from Pride and Prejudice. Beneath this image is Godmersham Park House, the estate owned by Jane Austen’s brother.


‘I declare after all there is no enjoyment like reading!’ was said by Miss Bingley in Pride and Prejudice.


Jane Austen’s signature is from her will.


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10 Pounds

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